Bitcoin Rush Review

This is how Bitcoin Rush works – fraud or not?
As soon as you want to know more about the trading column form and the trandig options, you will also find what you are looking for on the start page. Allegedly, it is a special software that has a 99.4 percent probability. However, the question is what kind of accuracy it is. For profits or losses? Also, there is no program in the world that can really calculate the prices of assets in advance. You should be careful here and look for other features first. Allegedly, the software should even be able to see 0.01 second into the future. Every reader should notice that this is not the truth. There are no programs in the world that can look into the future. Not even if it’s only 0.01 seconds.

Last but not least, the operators of the Bitcoin Rush App claim that the trading platform’s programs have already won countless prizes. They are also said to have won first place in the trading software category of the US Trading Association. There is no such competition at all and the software has never been awarded at any big events.

Bitcoin Rush Review

Hints for traders
Check “facts” and watch for warning signals

Test demo mode of favorite platform – check values

Do not exceed minimum initial deposit amount

Read conditions for special offers and bonuses

Act responsibly and possibly look for alternatives

Inform before about possible costs

Test on to the favored broker read through

Other features
Of course, the website has also published some Bitcoin Rush experiences from customers. If you take a closer look at the pictures and search for them on the internet, you will quickly find what you are looking for on stock photo websites. So it’s not a real Bitcoin Rush review or just some pictures have been added. Also the profits of different traders are with a very high probability not real. Every time you visit the site on a new one, the same names run through with the same winnings. All points mentioned here are signs against the website, but so far you can’t prove a Bitcoin Rush scam.

There is also a FAQ section on the website. Here, however, only information is shown that puts the platform in a better light. Allegedly there should be no hidden costs, it should not be an affiliate site, you write with 99.4% profits, the copy of the software is free and which profits lie in the range of the possible. However, there is no help for problems or risk education for trading on online exchanges. Every licensed exchange, such as eToro, has an exact description of the dangers. This allows the investor to better adjust and make wiser decisions.

The Bitcoin Rush App – Registration in 4 easy steps
Since it is not yet possible to determine whether Bitcoin Rush is fraudulent or serious, the registration and trade via the app is explained here. However, if you were looking for a monitored trading platform regulated by a government agency, you should better stick to the test winner eToro. Here you can not only trade CFDs, but also buy, sell and store crypto currencies. In addition also stocks and raw materials are offered.

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Step 1: Registration

Screenshot of the website
Once you’ve chosen the Bitcoin Rush App, it’s time to set up your own account. On the platform, you will of course have time to register even after the countdown has expired. The operators need the first name, last name and a valid e-mail address. You also need to enter any password and confirm it.

Last but not least, the operators want to know the phone number. When passing on personal data one should be generally careful in the net, however one has to watch out particularly with the spreading of his telephone number. On many dubious platforms, users were called day and night and urged to make further deposits. The rule here is that you must not give in to the pressure and continue to block all phone numbers.